Monday, May 9, 2011

Time to Saddle Up the Old Blog Burro Once More...

So, there has been a slight, tiny lapse in my blogging. A small gap, of only a wee 6 months or so. A mere blink of an eye! Sure what did I really miss while I was away, distracted by work, ground under yet further by the cruel wheel of capitalism? Well, they caught that fella from Family Guy, anyway, which was good - his cameo in South Park wasn't great. Whether it has any impact on the War on Terror is yet to be seen, but it will certainly help Obama's poll ratings.

Further back, a bunch of gobshites, who no doubt consider themselves "patriots", decided to further the cause of God knows what by murdering a policeman in Northern Ireland. No doubt we can expect more from these fools while Lizzy is over in a week or two.
What else? Well, of course the Irish people visited swift and vicious revenge on the Fianna Fail government, by voting in a Fine Gael/Labour government that seems intent on following the exact same economic plan as their predecessors - ha ha, take that you scoundrels! The people of Japan showed the world how to be calmly dignified in the face of horrific suffering, while their government displayed the sort of denial normally found in Irish property developers.
But did it really matter that I wasn't blogging? Does anything any of us do on this island matter in the wider world? Isn't Ireland, and each one of its citizens, now irrelevance made real?

On the plus side I finally finished a campaign in Empire Total War - take that real world! On my computer, I am a king!

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