Monday, April 16, 2012

The Oddest Age: Turning 30

From, ironically.

I know that it's not old, really. These days reaching 30 means that, on average, you still have well over half of your life to run. But in many respects 30 is the age when the doors of childhood dreams do start slamming shut on you, and you are left with the sort of life options that your school guidance councillor would applaud, but that teenage would view as the worst of bourgeois sell-outs ('cos teenage you is, like, totally a communist).

Admittedly, when I say childhood dreams, I do mean childhood - a mature adult would have put these childish hopes away by now. But I am no liar, and I have never claimed to be mature. So, it is a bit sobering that at 30, the odds of Glasgow Celtic calling you up to begin a glittering career in top flight Scottish hooliganism football, are slim. At 30, you are probably cutting it fine if you are hoping to become a war correspondent, and leaving it a bit late to begin a sparkling career as a field archaeologist who later goes on to discover the lost city of Atlatis. Your hopes of becoming a fire-fighter cowboy astronaut millionaire are also slim. Most galling of all, I am now unable to pursue my long cherished ambition of becoming an elite fighter pilot, throught the fatal combination of being too old, fat and short-sighted to possibly fly a fast jet - up till now I had only been too fat and short-sighted. And I could have dealt with those problems, if only I had the time. If only I had the time!

But worst of all about turning 30 is that, while the ridiculous goals of youth, the ones torn sloppily from Boys Own with only the thinnest veneer of reality to convince yourself they are possible, are now gone, the sort of "ambitions" adults have are still far from your grasp. At 30 you can decide that far from bringing mankind's presence to Mars, your hopes now rest on becoming Regional Sales Director for Insurance and Assurance Products, with a special focus on Reinsurance for the Meat Processing Industry, with administrative responsibilityfor staff throughout the greater Des Moines urban area - the only problem is, at 30 you've still got a lot of work to do to reach this dull, grey goal. At 30, the banks won't lend to you to start your bespoke cup-holder company. At 30, you are either still renting, or you own a starter home - i.e. you're starting here, so you sure as hell don't want this to be where you finish. Life has told you what you can't do, but is still teasing you about what (if anything) you can.

30 is the oddest of ages, all the good doors are locked to you - and all the others are not really worth opening.

As you will see above, I intend to address this 1/3rd life crisis through the medium of nerdism, and excessive switchology.


  1. The one thing life is not teasing you about is the fact that you can write very well.

    And, as long as you do, you can be assured of at least one reader (who, by the way, will turn 60 next month, and so is double trustworthy).

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