Thursday, May 20, 2010

DPRK at the World Cup; not exactly the Samba boys.

Brilliant article in the Wall Street Journal about the DPRK team destined for the World Cup.

The attitudes it reveals among North Korea's footballers speaks volumes about lie in the world's most obsessively secret and totalitarian state:

'(Choe Myong Ho) offered a window into his countrymen's training ethic when he told Russian reporters that he didn't have a TV or refrigerator.

"What is a refrigerator for? It allows you to get cold drinks in the summer," he told Sport-Express, a Russian national sports newspaper. "And if you do that, you could catch a cold and not be able to train."'

One has to wonder about the motivations of the ethnic Koreans from Japan, mentioned in the article, and who play for the DPRK . Growing up in Japan they surely have access to media that can tell them what the Kim Jong Il regime is capable of; and yet they still choose to play for the DPRK? Is it just that any footballer would jump at the chance to go to the World Cup, or is there an actual ideological attachment?

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