Friday, August 13, 2010

Muchos Gracias do Starbuck

Muchos gracias Starbuck for the shout-out (I believe that's the correct American term, hm? I say, bloody colonials) on your blog.

However, I must defend the honour of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force and point out that, while perhaps the US Army may have been there first, the RAF WSO surely must get bonus goof-off points for suggesting not only is he/she with stupid, but the said WSO is now willingly travelling at 600mph, perhaps 200 feet off the ground in an aircraft piloted by stupid. That would humorously suggest that there are two stupids involved. Truly, a Pythonesque concept.

Anyway, I think I hear a Predator overhead, so you might have the final say in this matter.

Thanks again,



  1. Actually, knowing the way these sorts of in-jokes seem to spread, who's to say the RAF didn't come up with it first?

  2. Well, the RAF picture is pretty recent (June, I think). So I think the US Army wins out.

    Having said that, you just know that in 1915 a French pilot probably held up a sign pointing at his wingman's Morane Saulnier monoplane, displaying the words "Je suis avec stupid >"