Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FG - Never Failing to Disappoint

The recent news that Olwyn Enright will not be contesting the next election for Fine Gael, leaving a gap in the Blueshirt ranks in Laois-Offaly, is both disappointing and understandable. Disappointing because, although she didn't set the world alight (no one ever can in Irish politics), she did seem to be bright and capable, and represented a younger generation of Irish politicians; also, although part of a dynasty, her lineage only went back to 1969 through her father. So practically a newcomer to politics by Irish standards!
Her stepping-down is understandable as, with a young family to raise, a husband representing a constituency in Donegal, and the prospect of ministerial office dim following her part in the heave against Enda Kenny, there is little to entice her to run again.
Now would seem the perfect opportunity for the party of plodding conservatism to run a dynamic candidate, who could galvanise the constituency and get Laois-Offaly ready to see-off the recession. Instead, the speculative candidates being spoken of today include an All-Ireland hurler and another member of the Enright clan.

The hurler in question (and relax yanks, it's not that bad. This kind of hurling, not the kind you experience after a night's boozing) is Brian Whelehan, who, while undoubtedly a great athlete, has been less than successful in the political arena:

Although he performed poorly in the local elections, a senior party source says he will be looked at as a possible replacement for Ms Enright.
"You can't rule him out as he's known in every house," the source said.
You can't rule him out as he's known in every house. That really shows the paucity of thought in Irish politics at the moment, and in particular it shows up how little will actually change even if FG get in to government - and I'm a member, by the way. When will someone actually realise that selecting candidates who can bring more than a well-known face to the political scene will be vital if this country is ever to stagger its way out of recession. With all due respect to Mr. Whelehan, FG should be selecting someone who can actually contribute to the legislative process - that's the whole point of being elected to the Dail, after all.
The big question is, of course, will the people of Laois-Offaly fall for this ploy?

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