Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Worry, He's Only Drowning Our Sorrows...and Chances

Reports are coming through today on Politics.ie that Brian Cowen was drunk (or possibly hungover) during an interview on Morning Ireland on the national broadcaster, RTE, this morning.

You've read that correctly...Brian Cowen - the Taoiseach, the Head of Government, the hand on the tiller of state as we navigate these stormy waters, was allegedly drunk during a national radio interview today.

Even the normally docile and toothless RTE have reported that he may have been drunk - although they have since changed the headline to "hungover"

In entirely unrelated news, Irish bond spreads have widened since the incident.

I don't see what the big deal is, I mean  Obama regularly appears in public a bit soused, right? Sarkozy is usually a bit tipsy before the cameras, surely? How about Merkel?

What, none of them drink heavily the night before a major radio interview? Has any leader ever been famed for being a little "tired and emotional" while on state business?

Oh, that's right,... Yeltsin.

I'm sure Russia in the 90's is a goal for Ireland to aspire to.

EDIT: Oh jaysus... the BBC have picked up on it now!

FURTHER EDIT: Dermot Ahern, Justice Minister, on Newstalk now claiming Cowen was just congested! "I often find it difficult to understand him on the phone, given his congestion".

Also, note Michael Martin's comments along the lines that "sure everyone has a few drinks", thereby effectively confirming the Taoiseach was half-cut. Methinks the Taoiseach has been set up, and that the sharks are circling.

Now on MSNBC .

And on the WSJ

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