Tuesday, November 16, 2010

America and China - Watch Out! We're Coming After You Next!

Take that, snooty continental bird!

According to Herman Von Rompuy, European President, the European Union is in a survival crisis. Way to go Ireland!

Yes, truly our incompetence knows no bounds. Little ol' Ireland, through its corrupt practices, terrible handling of budgets, and neo-gombeenism, may now have actually killed off the European project. More than 50 years in the making, bringing together the most bitter of enemies and cementing peace in a once war-torn continent - but still brought down by the innate selfishness of the Irish political class.

But why stop there? I say let's keep going, until we have managed to undermine and destroy every single superpower, multi-national community or alliance in existence. China, America, NATO, the UN - Ireland could take them all down.

If America exports democracy (admittedly through Marine Expeditionary Units), if China exports a "harmonius society" to Africa (ahem), and the UN exports excessive, well-coiffed bureaucracy - why can't Ireland export failure? It'll put us on the map!

Truly, this is a proud day for this island. I feel absolutely no shame in being Irish. Not even a tiny ounce. And certainly not massive, herculean doses of scarlet faced embarassment at how we have let ourselves down.

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