Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doesn't This Just Sum It Up? Pictures of the IMF in Dublin

11.23am: We're getting the first pictures of the IMF officials who have flown to Dublin for bailout negotiations.

IMF officials in Dublin  
Photograph: Peter Morrison/AP  

Here you can see Ajai Chopra (on the left), the deputy director of the European department of the IMF, walking towards the Central Bank of Ireland where the talks are taking place. We can't immediately identify his colleague, I'm afraid, but once we have a name I"ll let you know. Unless you've got an idea?

The foreign financiers walk past an Irish beggar as they swoop in to clean up the mess Fianna Fail has made of this economy.


  1. An Irish beggar,WTF. You can't be Irish if you think that Gypsie man is Irish, for fuck sake look at his face. Dublin is infested with professional Roma beggars, their like a plague of rats and arrived here over the past ten years. Why Dublin, because of high disposable income, Irish genorosity means they can make alot begging while the idiotic state provides them with accomidation.

  2. Well a few things:

    1) In the eyes of the international media, that's an Irish beggar.

    2) I am Irish. You seem a little too ready to decide who is, and who is not,Irish.

    3)Dublin, and the county as a whole, is infested with lazy, selfish Irish people who have been living off the state for the last 15 years, and there are far more of these than Roma beggars. True, begging does seem to be a part of the Roma lifestyle, which is obviously wrong.

    4) You read that story, and maybe a few of my other posts, and with all the talk of the IMF and Ireland going bust, your biggest beef is with the Roma. They are, at worst, an annoyance with their begging - it is Irish chancers and traitors like Bertie and his FF cohort that have brought this country into the abyss.

  3. And yet, the Euro is still out performing the US Dollar.


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