Thursday, November 4, 2010

Even I, A Right-Wing Nut, Was Shocked

Can't say I agree with the students; not everyone should be entitled to free 3rd-level education, and the system as it stands now is a hand-out for the middle classes and takes money away from investment in 2nd-level.

But frankly, the violence shown by the Guards in the below video is a little shocking - and does not bode well for future protests, when people are truly angry over what will be revealed in December's budget. (with due thanks for the footage to Cathal Furey and

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  1. Agrre with you (no surprise) on the merits.

    And as a "libertarian nut" I am not prejudiced in favour of the police.

    My general take on the video, however, was that the small number of Gardai who overreacted was even less than the small number of protesters who provoked them, or, more to the point, the number of "protesters" who were really there to encourage the otherwise peaceful majority to engage in acts that might provoke the cops.

    I lived through the 1960s in America (from which some of the slogans at this demonstration were borrowed wholesale), and I recognize the game being played.

    But you are right that this does not bode well for what may happen post-December.

    It will play right into the hands of the bearers of the red flags and Eirigi banners.